Feng shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring


Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring is a popular accessory in Chinese culture that combines two auspicious symbols: Pixiu and coins.



Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring – A Symbol of Attracting Wealth

Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring is a popular accessory in Chinese culture that combines two auspicious symbols: Pixiu and coins.

Pixiu is a Chinese mythical creature known for attracting wealth and good fortune. On the other hand, the coin symbolizes prosperity. When combined in a ring, they create a powerful energy that can attract financial abundance and opportunities. Wearing the ring can also provide protection from negative energy, evil spirits, and accidents, creating a shield of protection around the wearer.

The Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring typically features a Pixiu charm and small coin charms on a ring. The Pixiu charm is often intricately designed and may be depicted with an open mouth to symbolize the act of attracting wealth and prosperity. The coin charms, on the other hand, represent wealth and financial abundance.


It is important to note that while the Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring is considered a powerful symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture, its effectiveness ultimately depends on one’s personal beliefs and practices.


Additionally, wearing a Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring can enhance positivity and confidence, increasing motivation and helping to stay focused on goals and aspirations. The ring is also believed to bring good luck and positive energy into the wearer’s life, improving relationships, career opportunities, and overall well-being.


We take pride in our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, ensuring that each ring is carefully crafted to be a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Our Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring is perfect for those seeking to enhance their luck and invite prosperity into their lives.


To wear the Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring

The ring is usually worn on the finger of the dominant hand, and It is believed that wearing the ring on the finger associated with wealth and prosperity (usually the index or middle finger) will enhance its power to attract wealth and bring good fortune to the wearer.


To take care of the Feng Shui Pixiu Coin Fortune Ring

It is important to avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, as it may affect the integrity of the beads and the charm. It can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt or oils accumulated from regular use.


  • Item Type: Ring
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Note:
    1. Products are made of natural materials, please take off the product when you are ready to sleep or wash.
    2. The materials used in all our products are naturally environmentally friendly.
    3. These products are HANDMADE and NATURAL, therefore they may present some irregularities and due to lighting effects, the color may       slightly vary from the one shown in the picture.


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